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Internet IRL youtube Internet IRL youtube

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You deserve more exposure!!!

Drawing during class Drawing during class

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I love it!

-Love, The Internet- Jazza C.O.T.M Sep 2017. Internet IRL -Love, The Internet- Jazza C.O.T.M Sep 2017. Internet IRL

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There are a few of these that I don't know like Tencent QQ but I feel like if I met your drawings I would pick up on the traits (I'm going with it, I know you didn't draw these and this was a photo but I gotta keep the act up...). I love that YouTube is keeping up with the trends by dabbing and especially the fact that Google is the kings because seriously, google knows everything, its freaky.

And I love the fact that Facebook is an old Grandpa becuase it's for the oldies!!!

The only thing I would keep in mind is that check color correctios if you add it, the vignette may be a bit clashing with the colors of the characters. This isn't obvious in this drawing(/picture) but it may be in some of the others.

Otherwise, great job I see some amazing improvement!

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CodazComix responds:

Thank you!!! I'm glad you think I'm improving. And ya I see that now. It is kinda strange that a old photo has bright colors. I guess it came down to wanting it it to stand out even though it still had a more vignette theme. Thanks again!!!
(And Thanks for going along with the act that its a drawing. Hopfuly Jazza cant read anything in parenthesis)