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Upcoming Animation...

2017-09-23 07:46:47 by CaptainThinker

Working on a Deadpool vs. CaptainThinker animation... ITS SO TIRING!!!


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2017-09-29 16:33:20

This sounds awesome!!!! CT VS Deadpool?? Manning a hero/villain fight the animator's avatar is the best idea I've heard in a while. I wish i had come up with it.

Is Deadpool a hero or a villain? And if he is a hero, does that means that Captian Thinker is a villain? If CT was a villain he should have captain in his name, right? I would be more like Master Thinker or something. Never mind I shouldn't read that much into it. XD

And I feel ya. I sleep for about 5/3 hours a night when i have a big animation going. Can't wait to watch it! You think you know when it's gonna come out? I know its hard to estimate a date. I was just wondering.

CaptainThinker responds:

More than a hero vs villan, its gonna be animation vs real life. I got the idea from Animator vs Animation but Blown up by like 1000% I have 35 shots in total and im on 12 or 13. So I would estimate in another 2 months if life doesn't get in the way to much...